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Ritual N Book A side

A side of the book is a collection of articles and images that celebrate what humans have achieved: high-rise buildings, genetic mutation technology, and artificial gardening.

A side, Performance Set

Welcome to the Ritual N.
Follow the instructions below to praise for human achievements: Skyscrapers, GM Tech, and Botanic Garden.

    1. Light the candles.
    2. Add an incense.
    3. Palms together and bow once.
    4. Read <A side> of the book.

Ritual N

Editorial Design


Art Direction


A research-based thesis project Ritual N takes the form of a sacrament to accuse humans of enslaving and abusing nature from a decolonized point of view. Ritual N consists of an A side, which is a ritual performance, and B side, which is a video and the book. Scroll down from A side to B side.

Watch the video.  

Disclaimer: This video contains graphic violence.

Flip the book and read B side
: All-Seeing Power, Manipulation, and Nature as Commodity.

B side, Video and Book

B side of the book is the collected articles and images that accuse the achievements by calling them "All-seeing power, Manipulation, and Nature as Commodity(colonization)".

Flip Ritual N book to read B side

Behind the Scene

2019 Pratt Institute Design Show Display

Project planning & proposal

Design show display photo

Paper masked pig head





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