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Motion Design


The animation was created for an oral-care brand quip’s online campaign. Produced photographs, animations, and a marketing landing page.

Motion design applied on marketing landing page

More motion works



This video relates to TCKs who might feel foreign, awkward, and confused from being in new places. This is for TCKs, but also for anyone who doesn’t feel any emotional, physical, or cultural belonging to somewhere.

This motion poster was created to commemorate the 15th of August (The National Liberation Day of Korea, when Korea gained independence from the decades of Imperial Japanese colonial rule). The day is also called "광복," "The Restoration of Light" in English.

The poster's typographic structure is the metaphor of the four trigrams in the Taegeuk flag: the flag of South Korea. Human figures run from the bottom to the top, forming the Taegeuk symbol—as if people in history went out on the street to fight for Korea's independence.



Beyond Bath


Experience a fantasy world while in a bath. Can you imagine a world beyond the lukewarm water, bubbles, and four walls? This work was inspired by a fun childhood memory of imagination in a Korean sauna (public bath).  

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